Synthdrome Vault Archives #2 "Evidence Of Life" (original demo CDR, SCD011 and found lost tracks)

by shawn rudiman

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    "Evidence Of Life" was my introduction as an artist to the world of techno. It opened the door for me. These are the original demo tracks (which eventually became 7th City SCD 011 and some found material that was part of the original group of tracks, but never made it onto the actual CDR.
    * This material released on the original SCD011 Shawn Rudiman "Evidence Of Life" 12" and made possible by the courtesy of 7TH CITY/Accelerate and Daniel Bell.
    + This material was only found due to transferring material between DAT and PC. It was not included on the demo CDR or the SCD011 "Evidence Of Life" 12".

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"Evidence of Life" was my official introduction. It was what was to become 7th City SCD011 - Shawn Rudiman-"Evidence Of Life". Not long after the recording of all the original tracks to my DA20 DAT machine, I made 2 CDR's with a selection of compiled tracks. At that time, I had to transfer from DAT tapes to cd via real-time, 1-1 audio on a standalone CDR audio recorder... so it took quite a while to make 2 similar CDRs. As life would have it (through an argument and a crazy twist of events- ask me about it sometime at a gig!) one ended up in the hands of Anthony "Shake" Shakir.

Shake originally wanted the release for his FRICTIONAL imprint, but had to pass on it, so he gave it to his friend Daniel Bell at 7th City/Accelerate who was looking to continue his imprint after a small break. I received a phone call from Dan 2 or 3 days later, a contract 2 days after that. It introduced me into the arena of Techno.

The name of the release "Evidence of Life", had sort of dual meanings to me. It was evidence of my personal existence, and I felt it was a beacon to the outside world of Techno. For me, it carried a message that there was life on this rusted, post industrial planetoid of 1999 Pittsburgh. It was my real launching out into the cosmos of techno and its dimensions.

Ive included a couple extra outakes/tracks that didnt make it on to the original CDR demo that I gave Shake. They were found as I was transferring the material from the DAT tapes. It felt right to include them in the group that was done for the demo CDR.

As stated on the original SCD011 12" "Special thanks to Anthony "Shake" Shakir." still holds true. without that Wednesday night argument about hardware vs. computers (yes. in 1999!), these tracks would've never seen the light of day.

The biggest thanks goes to Daniel Bell for two reasons: one - without him listening and deciding to release the tracks he chose... well who knows if I'd have ever done anything. two - for the gracious courtesy of allowing this re-release of those original tracks. I've said it before, but thank you Dan.

Included on the release art are pictures of the studio around that time frame close as i could find. If you notice some of the spots are open on the gear shelves, due to gear being packed up for the first time i did a european tour. Missing is my 909, access virus A, er-1 electribe, Future Retro 777 and Korg kms30. All of them were used on these tracks as well.


released February 20, 2017

All material was conceived, written, produced and recorded by myself, in my apartment (first version of the SYNTHDROME) in 1999. Pittsburgh, PA, United States.

* "Rainfunk", "All The Days", "Space We Need (elemental)" and "Overextension pt1" appear courtesy of 7TH CITY/Accelerate



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


shawn rudiman Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

i have been producing, electronic music since 1990. industrial, ebm, detroit influenced techno, electro, ambient, house and whatever else people wish to label it. its my life. its my therapy. its my solace.

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